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Operating a Business Legally in Ontario
The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) is legislation in Ontario that protects both the environment as well as the citizens of the province. One of the most important sections of the act (Section 9) states, "no person shall, except in accordance with an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) issued by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), construct, alter, extend, or replace any plant, structure, equipment, apparatus, mechanism or thing that may discharge a contaminant into any part of the natural environment.” Under the EPA the definition of contaminant also includes noise and vibrations.
The MOE is the governing body for businesses looking to receive approval to operate in Ontario. An Environmental Compliance Approval is necessary for any business to operate legally within the province. There are some common systems that will allow the business to bypass the approval process by registering eligible equipment with the Environmental Activities and Sector Registry (EASR). Any business that operates equipment or systems that are not approved for registration with the EASR will require an environmental audit and assessment to ensure that they operate within the regulations set forth in the EPA in order to obtain an Environmental Compliance Approval.
Environmental Audits
In order to obtain an ECA in Ontario, the business is required to provide evidence that it can operate under compliance with the emissions regulations for the province. In order to prove compliance, the business requires an environmental audit to be performed by an independent source.
An environmental auditor will quantify and/or test all of the sources of emissions, including pollutants and noise/vibration, in the business facility. After the emission rates for all contaminants at the site are identified through engineering calculations or testing the emissions are modeled using approved dispersion modeling software (Reg. 346 / AERMOD) to ensure that the contaminant emissions being discharged from the facility meet the existing Point of Impingement Criteria outlined in the Ministry of the Environment regulations. This includes regulations at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. An environmental auditor will be knowledgeable of all changes to these different legislations.
There are strict guidelines in Ontario that regulates the noise levels at all sensitive receptors (schools, residences, etc.) caused by the operation of equipment at an industrial or commercial facility in the area. An acoustic assessment will assess if the facility can operate in compliance with the applicable noise criteria. This means that the business operations do not pose potential acoustic problems to nearby schools, buildings and residences.
In the case that any pieces of equipment do not meet the regulations in the EPA, an environmental auditor should be able to suggest a suitable corrective plan to mitigate the identified problems.
An environmental auditor can also assist you with conducting a detailed review of your facility operations and identify any potential deficiencies associated with the facility operations in relation to federal, provincial, and municipal legislation and reporting requirements. An Environmental audit can identify a facilities need for an ECA, air emissions inventory reporting (NPRI/Reg. 127/Chemtrac), Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training, Waste Manifest control, etc.
Environmental Auditors
Environmental auditors or consultants are professionals in the industry with extensive knowledge and experience. Businesses typically conduct an environmental audit to apply for an Environmental Compliance Approval or to identify areas where environmental compliance is not met. An environmental auditor will comprehensively review the equipment at the site, identify areas of non-compliance, assist with obtaining all required approvals and permits, and provide detailed reports. In the case of an ECA, the environmental consultant will also prepare the required paperwork and submit it on the client's behalf to expedite the approval process.
When choosing an environmental auditor in Ontario it is important to find a company that is willing to build a strong professional relationship. Environmental audits will often have to be repeated annually to ensure continued compliance, so it makes sense to choose a company that you feel comfortable giving repeat business to.
Take the time to find a reputable environmental auditor to assist with all of your environmental assessment needs in Ontario.
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